Dominion Promo Cards: Expanding your Dominion on the Cheap

One of the great things about Dominion (and indeed all deck building games) is the ease in which they can be expanded by simply adding new cards. Dominion has a range of large expansions that add many kingdom cards to the base game. There are also a range of promo cards that can individually be added. The promo cards can’t be bought in your local game shop. Generally they are given to shops and distributers to give to their customers as they see fit. If you’re lucky your friendly local game shop will give you these promo cards if you buy from their shop. If you’re not so lucky you can buy these promo cards from the BoardGameGeek store or eBay, and they cost next to nothing.

 Black Market
This is the most interesting of the promo cards. It basically allows you to buy Kingdom cards that aren’t in the supply It takes a little housekeeping to set up and you will need to agree with your group which cards to add to the black market but you now access to your favourite kingdom card or a card that will greatly help your current deck.

A bit of a gamble as you know the player on the left is going to choose to discard your best card but you can’t turn down four extra cards.

A tricky decision; do you take the option that best aids you knowing that it will probably aid your opponents or do you try and choose an option that your opponents can’t utilise? The Governor was released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Puerto Rico.

The oddest of the promo cards as this doesn’t have the standard backing Dominion cards have. This means everyone knows where this card is in your deck and when it’s in your hand. The rewards are great but you won’t have the element of surprise.

Walled Village
You might have heard of a little game named Carcassonne, if you’ve not it’s a game named after the walled city in France and it’s also a big game for Rio Grande. This card was released to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Carcassonne winning Spiel Des Jahres. Can you find the meeple?

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