UKIE lobbying to make crowdfunding legal

In my introduction to Kickstarter post I remarked that a downside of Kickstarter was its US focus and that it leaves us Brits out. What I didn't realise at the time is that crowdfunding in the UK is illegal! Its all down to protecting the investor from rip-off merchants and is explained better here and there is an even better explanation in this pdf:
Why can’t I just go out and raise the capital I need?
The law starts from the premise that the ordinary person in the street deserves to be protected from people offering investments, and in particular shares, for sale to them. The logic is, that these sorts of investments often require relatively significant sums of money and further that is it not easy for an investor to know at first glance what constitutes a „good‟ investment. The law therefore is very
prescriptive about what you can do to raise investment.

Well the UKIE are currently lobbying the government to change their minds after the rather stonking success of Double Fine Adventure. This may be all about video games but it will have a knock on effect on the world of board games.

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