Kickstarter: Ace of Spies

Sneaking into Kickstarter this month is Ace of Spies a sneaky game of card collecting.

 A card game of stealth and sneakiness! Players act as spymasters, collecting sets of cards in order to complete missions. Only the greatest player will be declared The Ace Of Spies! By taking two cards at the start of each turn, you'll build up a selection of Agents, Tools, Intelligence and Locations that will allow you to hopefully finish more missions than everyone else. More missions mean more points - as long as they're complete! If they're left incomplete by the end of the game, they score negative points and pretty much ensure you're not going to win...
Ace of Spies has been developed by Michael Fox of the Little Metal Dog Show and  Mark Riviera of Boardgames in Blighty, so they should know what they're doing. A guide to playing the game is below. It also includes free shipping!

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