Music to my ears: My favourite gaming podcasts

Radio is dead they say but podcasts are a great way to keep up on the latest news and listen to like-minded individuals talk about your favourite hobby. There are huge amounts of podcasts out there and a great many table top gaming podcasts. Your listening time is limited so here’s the pick of my favourite gaming podcasts.

The Dicetower
You can’t really talk about table top gaming podcasts without mentioning the Dicetower. Tom and Eric have a good banter and their constant jibes at each other are always funny. They have the latest news and the top ten always introduces me to new board games. Some of their contributor sections can fall a bit flat but on the whole this is probably the best board gaming podcast around.

The Little Metal Dog Show
Interviews are the name of the game at The Little Metal Dog Shows (as are bizarre reggae cover versions) as Michael Fox’s easy interviewing style pulls gems of wisdom from the major players in  the gaming scene. Although not as regular as some other podcasts the little Metal Dog Show is always worth a listen.

Not Just Another Gaming Podcast
I can’t quite put my finger on it but there’s something very friendly about Not Just Another Gaming podcast. You feel as if you’re just getting together with a group of friends to discuss some games. It may lack some of the polish of the previous two podcasts but you can’t deny its charm and easy demeanour.

The D6 Generation
It can be a bit of a slog sometimes listening to a podcast that often hits the 3 hour mark but The D6 generation is probably my favourite all round gaming podcast. They cover all aspects of table top gaming including role-playing games and miniature war games. Every week there is a different third host which keeps the format fresh and interesting. They have far too many adverts in my opinion but someone has to pay for hosting. It may take some effort to get through (and a large chunk of your iPod’s disk space) but the D6 boys are always worth it.

Shut up & Sit Down
Okay, I admit, it’s not really a podcast (although they are working on one) but it’s definitely the best gaming related review show. If you try to imagine two video game journalists stuck in a London flat with nothing but board games, their mutual madness and the fumes from the laundrette downstairs to keep them company you’ve probably got a good idea of what Shut Up and Sit Down entails.

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  1. I've listened to D6G from the beginning, great cast. Also Myriad Games Presentations and now my new addition is The Secret Cabal.

    1. I've never heard of the Myriad Games Presentation, I'll have to give it a listen. I highly recommend the Secret Cabal, it's quickly becoming my favourite podcast.