Digital Distraction: Online collectible card games

It would seem that online collectible card games are like buses, you wait for one to come out and then a whole ruck of them comes at once. With the Kickstarter announcement from Gary Games it would seem that there are not one but three video games based on the collectible card game format in development.


It looks like the U key on Gary Game’s keyboard needs replacing either that or the game is about forging Earth’s sun. Either way Gary Games, those blokes behind Ascension, are attempting to kickstart their way into a digital collectible card game. They’ve got a bit of help from some bloke called Richard Garfield, you may have heard of him as being the designer a little card game called Magic. In other words this looks like a bit of a dream team. One of the nifty features being advertised is that way in which your cards can gain experience and evolve over time.


Are you looking for retro inspired card based dungeon delving combat? Then the game you want is Cardhunter. The initial trailer caused a bit of a splash but since then the boys have been rather quiet. Its due out sometime in 2012 and the lead designer worked on Bioshock and Theif (two of my favourite games). Cardhunter also boasts having Richard Garfield on the design team, he must be busy.



Last but not least is Scrolls, the latest project from Minecraft creator Markuss Persson, also known as Notch. Scrolls has already gained some infamy from within the PC gaming world when Bethesda, the publishers of the Elder Scrolls series of games took Notch to court over the use of the word ‘scrolls’. It’s all sorted now but it does mean that the game has already got a huge buzz of publicity and the previous record of its creator means that this will probably be a hit no matter what. There is no-one called Richard Garfield working on scrolls.

All of these games look interesting and it appears that most of them will be available in a free-to-play format. Which one are you looking forward to?
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