Miniature Wargame Starter Sets

Are you thinking of getting into a miniature wargame but are baffled by most of the options? Not sure which rulebooks to buy and what are the miniatures you need to start a game? With many miniature games this is a problem; you need to buy a rulebook first just to get an understanding of what miniatures are required, when what you really want is get everything you need in one go. Many game publishers have released starter sets for this very need. They usually include a full set of rules and two starter factions; everything you need to play. Over the last few weeks quite a few starter boxes have been released or announced so let’s have a look at the newest starter sets on the market ready to get you into table top miniature games.

Warhammer 40000 Dark Vengeance 

(Warhammer 40k 6th edition starter set)

I was expecting Games Workshop to charge a lot more for this!
Probably one of the most famous miniature games is Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 the far future sci-fi game. Earlier in the year Games Workshop released the new sixth edition rules and recently has released the Dark Vengeance boxed set. The box includes dice, range finders, a small format rulebook and two complete factions of Space Marine Dark Angels; bio-engineered Templar knights in power armour, and chaos; humans who have given themselves to the dark gods. The rulebook may be tiny in size but includes all of the rules needed to play and doesn’t include the hundreds of pages of ‘gumph’ that you’ll find in the full size rulebook. This is also the game with possibly the best looking plastic miniatures ever. The detail is exquisite and one look at the chaos hell brute and you’ll be converted to the dark gods.
Who's a pretty boy then?


Flames of War: Open Fire

Do yo fancy something a little more realistic?
Fed up with sci-fi and fantasy? Sick to the back teeth with steam powered robots, dragons and power-armoured douche bags? Want something grounded in a bit more reality? Then Flames of War will be right up your street. Flames of War is a 15mm World War 2 game and Battlefront Miniatures has just announced Open Fire, a two player starter set. The great things about 15mm is tanks, lots and lots of tanks and who wants to play a WWII game that doesn’t involve them. The box includes units for the Germans and the Allies in the European theatre and full rules and comes in at a much lower price than other sets.
Who doesn't like tanks?


Just the other week we looked at the Warmachine boxed set. Well Privateer Press have just released the same boxed set for Hordes. In hordes you take control of huge beasts of war that your warlock is trying to prevent from raging all over the battlefield, or at least prevent them from raging at the wrong people. Its looks like it’s going to be another bargain, basically getting your miniatures for half price and the mini rule book. Not only that it includes my two favourite Hordes factions; the dragon possessed dark elves of the Legion of Everblight and the werewolf druids of Circle of Orboros. Hordes is fully compatible with Warmachine



 New to the block and in a slightly different vein to your typical miniature war games is Fantasy Flight’s X-Wing miniatures game. It borrows a lot from Wings of War, which is definitely not a bad thing, and the miniatures are pre-painted but its X-wings and Tie Fighters and none of that prequels nonsense.

Notable in my opinion is the absence of some games. I’d like to see a starter set for both Infinity and Mallifaux. Yes these games have free rules online and you only need a handful of miniatures to play but it would be nice to get everything you need in one go.

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