KR Multicase Card Case Review

  So you have assembled and carefully painted all your favourite miniatures, how are you going to store and transport them? A biscuit tin? An old shoe box wrapped in toilet paper? This was the dilemma I was facing with my recently acquired Warmachine miniatures. The above ideas weren’t going to work and already having one model getting damaged due to some hard braking and a box flying off the back seat of my car I need to get something a bit more elegant. For some time I’d been eyeing up foam cases from the likes of Games Workshop, Battle foam and KR Muilticase. I decided the time was due to take the plunge and got my hands on a KR Card Case for Warmachine.

Not the prettiest of boxes
It’s the simplest of models available, a series of foam cut trays and a sturdy cardboard box to contain them. It’s the no frills end of the line, KR can pimp up your boxes with backpacks and aluminium cases but I was primarily interested in storage and keeping things tidy. KR offers a set of pre-chosen trays for Warmachine. One option favours troops while the other gives more room for warjacks. Seeing as I don’t have much in the way of troops I elected for the Warjack option. 

In the box you get two troop trays and two deep pick and pluck trays. Pick and pluck means that the tray is pre-cut and you need to pull out the sections of the foam to fit your models. You’re going to need to do a bit of planning before hacking at your foam. The depth of the foam is good, nicely sized to fit your standard heavy Warjack. It doesn’t fit all warjacks; my Menoth Vanquisher is particularly tall and this means he’ll have to sit on his back.

The case comes with two troop trays and two warjack trays.
The foam is sturdy and all fits neatly into the cardboard; there’s no doubt that this is going to keep your minis nice and safe. I’m not brave enough to try something drastic like throwing the case from a 3 story building or getting Eddie Stobart to drive over it with an 18 wheeler but for the purpose of day to day storage and transport it neatly fits the job.

Pick and pluck means you can customise he case for your miniatures.
There are however a couple of niggles. The handle is an odd fit through the cardboard and wants to force the two layers of cardboard apart. I worry that prolonged use is going to cause damage in this area. The troops trays are just slightly too small. Most warcasters just about fit but if they are armed with particularly large weapon then this causes an issue. There’s also a question about what to do with the medium based unit? You could use the pick and pluck section to place them but it feels like an uneconomical use of the space but at the same time the troop sections are too small. The best solution I can think of is hacking the troop tray to make some larger sections. I think that a series of tray with double sized troop compartments would fit your medium base troops much better.

Some of the warcasters and warlocks are a tight fit
Everything tucked away nice and safe.

Overall I’m happy with my purchase and I can see myself buying some more KR Multicase boxes in the future. The box is sturdy with plenty of space and the pick and pluck system means it is customised to my models. The KR Multicase card case isn’t going to win any awards for its looks but that’s not what you’re buying this for. You’re buying this to keep your minis organized, safe and easily transportable.
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