News Collider: Cthulhu Smashes it up, The Sharrash emerge from the wasteland and Kyle Katarn flies into X-Wing.

This weeks news titbit comes with a surprising new addition to the X-Wing Roster, a slimy new addition to the Neuroshima Hex battlefield and the least surprising addition to Smash Up you could think of, it doesn't mean we're not excited.


Cthulhu comes to Smash Up

I joked with a friend of mine who works for AEG, when I asked, surely AEG are doing a Cthulhu faction for Smash Up? He just smiled at me. Of course there’s a Cthulhu expansion for Smash up and it’s so obvious the set is actually called The Obligatory Cthulhu Set. The great thing is this isn’t just one new deck of cards, no its four new Lovecraftian themed factions. We’ve got Cthulhu cultists, Elder Things, those crazy academics from Miskatonic University and a host of fish loving Innsmouth residents. I’ve only just managed to play Awesome Level 3000 and it’s a great addition to Smash Up but the idea of Elder Thing Bear Cavalry is rather exciting.

The Obligatory Cthulhu Set will be in stores in September, with an early release at Gen Con 2013.

Neuroshima Hex releases Sharrash faction

In more expansion news, Portal Games have released a new army for Neuroshima Hex. The Sharrash are more mutated adversaries for your hex based warfare.

“Sharrash is a mysterious and well-organized community of mutant rats endowed with inhuman intelligence. They live underground, in tunnels and canals of the destroyed cities, along with degenerate humans and mutants who serve the Sharrash. They do not allow strangers anywhere near them, fiercely defend their nests, and their fighters will not hesitate to give their life for the pack.”

The Sharrash are packing some interesting weaponry, such as mortars and defensive structures. The expansion is available now.


More X-Wing

Have you collected all the X-Wing ships? Can you even find them in stock? Well get your wallet ready as Fantasy Flight Games have announced the 3rd round of ships available and it come with a couple of surprises. If you could have guessed what ships would have come next you probably would have said the Tie Bomber and B-Wing, and you’re correct these are out. Not only that but you’ll also get the chance to add a Lambda shuttle to your fleet and also Kyle Katarn’s HWK-290. Who is Kyle Katarn you may be asking? Well he was the hero of the Dark Forces & Jedi Knight video games. Now this may sound a bit odd, but the B-Wing is probably my favourite ship from Star Wars (apart from a Star Destroyer but that may be a bit big for a standard table).

 It may not have the spotlight stealing action of the X-Wing or the ability to destroy a star destroyer just by flying into the bridge but I believe the B-Wing to be one of the most interesting designs in the Star Wars Universe. The new ships should be arriving later this year.

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