Kickstarter Collision: July 2013

To me the term kickstart will always be associated with 80’s teenagers falling off motor bikes. To the rest of the world however, Kickstarter is the central place for crowd funding and (let’s be honest here) pre-ordering of board games. Make no mistake Kickstarter is a big deal, whether you love it or hate it, Kickstarter is not going away. In that mind we’ve had a flood of requests (well 2 actually but that’s a flood round here) to restart the Kickstarter of the month feature, so we’re back with the new, shiny, and ever so slightly different feature, Kickstarter Collision.

First some rules, this article aims to be out the first week of every month and outline some tasty Kickstarter projects you may not have heard of or are just too good to miss. If you want us all to know about a Kickstarter that’s going on this month, then share the love via the comments section below. If you’re a Kickstarter creator and you want your baby featured in next month’s article then send Polyhedron Collider a message either via the mail link in the top right of the page, DM our twitter @PolyhedronC or send a message or post on our wall on Facebook. Hell, if you’re feeling particularly fruity you can even do something at our Google+ page, I’m not sure what you’re going to do there but I’m just saying it’s there.

So let’s get to the games!

Wrong Chemistry Expand Your Lab

First off is an expansion to a previous Kickstarter success, Wrong Chemistry. Expand Your Lab adds extra players, elements and increases the tactical options. If you don’t already own Wrong Chemistry, not a problem as you can grab a copy of both the game and the expansion in the reward tiers.
“The expansion Wrong Chemistry: Expand Your Lab adds to the action of the base game, first by allowing for play with up to five players, and second by adding new element cards that expand upon the tactics of the base game by giving you new ways to earn points and by using both sides of the hex tiles.

In addition, new scientists have been added to the game; each player chooses one at the start of play and can use the power of this scientist up to three times during the game. Two new cards – "The Element of Surprise" and "Transmutium" – can be played in combination with the scientists to let you play during your rivals' turns.”

Expand Your Lab is looking for $7,000 and ends on 30th July

PowerUp Poker

What happens when you cross Mario Cart with Texas Hold’em? PowerUp Poker, that’s what. PowerUp Poker is a version of the world’s favourite card game but with a whole host of extra cards that can affect the game. Not only that but it takes its video game sensibilities even further with 8-bit playing cards and ‘coin’ poker chips
“PowerUp Poker puts a new twist on the world's most popular card game in the form of two dozen different PowerUps that can turn tables and change fortunes. PowerUp Poker adds a new layer of fun and intrigue to a game that pretty much everyone understands, bridging the gap between tabletop and new era card game enthusiasts and players that stand by the ol' 52-card deck.
PowerUps can affect almost any portion of play, from blind wagers to the value or number of cards in players' hands or on the table, to the number of chips in play. Even so, each PowerUp was designed with care to ensure that no PowerUp is so powerful that it can guarantee a win even with a bad hand.”

PowerUp Poker is aksing for $17,000 and ends on 31st July.

Rule32 Café

Okay this isn’t a board game but I’m going to mention it anyway because, I’ve met a lot of the lovely people involved, it’s happening on my doorstep and it’s a bloody great idea.

Rule 32 is a geek café that is planning on being opened in Worcester. It’s going to have movie nights, comic expos, book signings and, most importantly to you and me here, gaming, lots and lots of gaming!
“This was the Ultimate Idea. The Dream Geek Location.  Probably not including the Firemans Pole and Ball Pit.  One of those places where you pop by to eat good food with friends, stay on to play a quick tabletop game, and end up spending the evening watching a movie on a big screen.   We’ll also be the place to go for Events”
Rule32 are on Indiegogo and are looking for £60,000. The project runs till 15th August.

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