News Collider: Planet Steam & Hordes High Command

After the news heavy previous issues of News Collider, this week’s is looking a little thin with only two articles. We have some more details on Fantasy Flights steam punk economic management game Planet Steam and the beasts of Hordes heading to Privateer Press’s deck building game High Command.

Steam Planet

Fantasy Flight Games have thrown some more coal onto the fire and released more information about their upcoming board game Planet Steam. In the is steam punk game players will attempt to stake claims on valuable resources, extract those resources and then trade them for highest value possible in an unstable market.

Most intriguing is the stock market system, known as the resource terminal, which will see the price of goods rise and fall as supply and demand fluctuates. There’s also bidding on specialists who give you special abilities each round.

The steam puck theme is getting rather common these days, but as with most Fantasy Flight Games you can’t deny that it doesn’t half look good. The concern is that this game may just be a typical heavy economic game with the steam punk veneer but you can be sure that this game won’t be using boring wooden cubes.

Planet Steam is expected to be released in July 2013, crikey that’s this month!

Hordes High Command

Privateer Press must have a lot of confidence in their upcoming Warmachine Deckbuilding game Warmachine High Command, because they’ve just announced its sister product Hordes High Command. Based on the same rules, this new deck building game will bring the the factions from Hordes into play. It’s also been announced that expansions will be available for both boxed sets.

HORDES High Command is a deck-building card game for 2–4 players set in the foreboding wilds of western Immoren. This stand-alone game can be played with just the contents of this box or combined with other HORDES High Command products for a customizable experience. Leverage your resources, gather your armies, and dominate your foes to stake claim to the wilds of western Immoren!

This is a brave move by Privateer Press to announce the second boxed set before the first one is even released as no-one really seems to know if the game is any good yet.

Warmachine High Command will be released at Gencon in August, as for Hordes High Command no release date has been announced.

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