News Collider: Lords of War, Omen and Golem Arcana

This will be the last round up of board game news for a couple of weeks as I’m off on honeymoon and although I trust the in-laws to keep the plants watered I wouldn’t trust them with the gaming news. It would probably be filled with nonsense about the new Coronation Street Monopoly or the ten best tactics for Scrabble. So here’s a last ditch round up of juicy news and by the time I get back GenCon will have happened and no doubt there’ll be a banquet of tabletop gaming news waiting for us all to digest.

Lords of War: Elves vs Lizardmen

The second set for my favourite UK Games Expo game Lords of War is out. Elves vs Lizardmen packs in two more factions into a tiny box ready for you to battle it out. It is fully compatible with the Dwarves vs Orcs boxed set and contained even more of that beautiful artwork.

Expect the Polyhedron Collider review soon.

Omen: Reign of War

They say that great things come in small packages and that’s the entire concept behind Small Box Games who have announced a reprint of two games, Omen and Hemloch. Omen is one of those games; you know the ones, the ones that wise old men in taverns whisper about in into their tankards. Men with beards like bramble bushes murmur about how great a game Omen is and how you’ll never see its like again. True you could trade a bag of golden nuggets over at Ye Olde Ebaye but does it feel the same. Well you can ignore them now, wonder why that tramp in the pub is talking like a Dungeons and Dragons NPC and get a shiny new copy.

Omen: Reign of War and Hemloch: Vault of Darkness are available to pre-order from the Small Box Games website and are going to be limited print runs so act quick!

Golem Arcana

I promised myself that News Collider would no longer contain news of new Kickstarter projects, that the new Kickstarter Collision articles would cover that and keep things nice and separate. But I had to mention Golem Arcana, a new project from the developers of the Shadowrun Returns video game. What makes this interesting is it takes a grid based tactical board game and adds technology! By the use of a special magic wand you can check stats, perform attacks and do all the other stuff central to a board game. Is it a stroke of genius or pure lunacy?

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