News Collider: Balance of the Force and two Talisman Expansions

Balance of the force
 It’s so very close to Christmas and you’d think that with just a few days away that the game new would stop, but nobody told Fantasy Flight Games as we have not one but three expansions announced.

Star War: Balance of the Force

card game news mara jadeThe problem with most collectible card games is they are designed around two players. This is great for head to head battles but sometimes playing a two player game just feels like you are locking other people out. The Star Wars LCG from Fantasy Flight Games was another of those typical card games, based solely on a two player game but as the star wars films tell us, “two there always are” and now Balance of the Force ups the player count to make Star Wars a two versus two game or a single player can take on up to three opponents in special story driven scenarios.

Of course balance of the force will include a host of new cards, star of which is Mara Jade one of the most iconic characters of the extended Star Wars universe as well as new cards for Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Balance of the Force is available now.

card game news star wats balance of the force

Talisman: The Firelands

Do you know which game desperately needs an expansion? Why Talisman of course, I mean it’s already got about 50 expansions so you’re probably wondering where the game can go from here. Talisman expansions have already been to down into the dungeons, up into the highlands and got slummed it in the city. The latest expansion will take you to the desert and adds a Middle Eastern flavour to your adventures.
Talisman Firelands adventure

The creators of the Crown of Command, the Ifrit, seem to be a bit ticked off and are acting like a bunch of teenage pyromaniacs as they run around the world of Talisman setting everything on fire. Certain cards will instruct players to remove objects, items and allies from the game, slowly but surely depleting the resources available to the players. Not only that these pesky Ifrit can set locations on fire, meaning that players lose life when they enter them.

Talisman Firelands adventure
Talisman: The Firelands will be available in the first quarter of 2014.

Talisman: The Nether Realm

board game news talisman the nether realm expansionAs if that wasn’t enough Fantasy Flight Games have also announced the release of Talisman: the Nether Realm (not the Netherlands, that somewhere else entirely). This is a little different as it’s a ‘print on demand’ expansion. Don’t worry this doesn’t mean you need to print the cards yourself, what it means is that Fantasy Flight Games don’t keep many on stock and so print them as required.

Created by Talisman Island writer, Jon New, the Nether Realm is based on the classic Pandora ’s Box scenario. The game is based around a new nether deck of themed monsters and encounters and more alternative game ends that all utilise the Nether deck.

Talisman: The Nether Realm is available now and means that a typical game of talisman now takes a week to play, two days of that are set up.

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