News Collider: Shadowrun Crossfire, Valley of the Kings, Marvel Dice Masters & Storm of Vengeance

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 Yay, its Friday! A whole weekend of gaming opportunities and none of that pesky work getting in the way! But before you jump headlong into a weekend of cardboard excess how about a quick bite of game news? This week we have a bit of a card game round up with two lots of deck building, some dice building and yet another random video game coming from the Warhammer 40,000 licence.

Shadowrun Crossfire

Shadowrun is big again, what with an updated RPG starter set and a kickstarted video game, the world of fantasy cyberpunk (think the Matrix with dragons and orcs) is at large again. Well now Catalyst Game Labs are spreading out into the deck building world with Shadowrun Crossfire.

Shadowrun Crossfire is an adventure deck building game and what does adventure mean? Well that means it is going to be a cooperative deck builder in the form of Lord of the Rings. There’s also the vaguest hint that this may be a campaign linked game, similar to pathfinder he card game, where your deck grows from adventure to adventure.

Shadowrun Crossfire is apparently out ‘Fall’ 2013, which considering its practically winter it must be a little late.

shadowrun crossfire Pair programmingshadowrun crossfire jacked in

Valley of the Kings

Yes, I know, yet another deck building game from AEG but this one promises to be innovative, did you here that innovative! Okay, I’ll admit it’s a new take theme-wise. In Valley of the Kings you’re a Pharaoh collecting all manner of riches and tat to take with you into the afterlife when you die. So basically it’s the card game equivalent of the creepy people you see on those hoarders programs who have been keeping newspapers for the last 50 years and no-one knows where the cat is.

aeg valley of the kings deck building

At the moment all we have is a name, a box shot and some scant details so we don’t yet know what this innovation is going to be.

Marvel Dice Masters

Enough of deck building, what about dice building? Yes the concept started by Quarriors is being ported into competitive Marvel comic’s version called X-Men vs Avengers Dice Masters. Although loosely based on Quarriors this game apparently makes it more confrontational creating more of a Magic The Gathering with dice feel.

card game news x-men dice masters

The game will be released as an X-Men vs Avengers starters set, which will be a relatively low cost introduction to the game. You will then be able to bolster your set with random booster packs, each containing two cards and two dice. Wizkids have assured everyone that these booster decks are balanced and the rarity is based more on artwork and foils then having the really powerful cards being rare.

X-Men Dice Master is due out early 2014.

Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance

Warhammer 40,000 Storm of Vengeance
Eutechnyx, a name which sounds like a donkey with false teeth sneezing, have announced Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance ‘a lane strategy game’ for PC and mobile devices. Storm of Vengenace was originally a campaign system for Warhammer 40,000 from the late 90’s which had the ork warlord Ghazghkull Thraka face off against Belial and the Dark Angels. It looks like the game will follow the same story.

With the term ‘Lane strategy game’, the internets have jumped on this and are reckoning it is a Defence of the Ancients clone, typically called a MOBA, but to me this sounds more like a tower defence game in the vein of plants vs. zombies. Honestly, we know nothing at this point as the only information that has been let out into the wild is the name.

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