Kickstarter Collision: January 2014

What happened there? No sooner had I finished eating my Christmas pudding, and then I was hit by a cold, someone was singing Auld Lang Syne and I suddenly found myself in work over a week into the new year and we haven’t looked at the Kickstarters of the month! So I apologise for its tardiness but here is your Kickstarter round up for February.

As has become the norm, let’s have a look at how last month’s projects faired:
  • Machina Arcana raised a noteworthy $142,790, completing all its stretch goals and our biggest winner of December. 
  • Ex illis failed to reach its funding goal reaching onlt $14,000 of its $50,000 goal. Is there room for an other miniatiures war game, where not enough people aware of the Ex Illis pedigree or was the $50,000 goal too high? 
  • Lords of War: Templars versus Undead raised a very respectable £24,448 of a £20,000 goal, its obviously hasn’t set the world on fire but it has raised enough to start getting Lords of War seen across the globe. 
  • Shadow Era  raised $78,367 CAD of its $50,000 CAD goal meaning we’ll be seeing more of this digital CCG. 
  •  Argent proved a hit with Kickstarter backers raising $138,708 of a $30,000 goal. 

War of Omens

We’d best be quick with this one as there’s only 4 days left. War of Omens is a cross between a Deckbuilding card game (of the Dominion stable) and a collectible card game, in a digital format.

Although the digital card game market space is getting rather crowded this is at least an interesting concept and something I would like to see how it works. War of Omens is looking for $30,000 and is almost funded

Space Junk

The game shows of the future are always going to be wacky things that make Japanese game shows look tame. Space Junk is an imaging of a future game show where contestant take part in a race through the cosmos while attempting to blast their enemies as well as collect the most valuable items from the clouds of garbage and refuse that have been dumped into space.

The junk isn’t just for collecting; your ship is actually made from the scrap you’re hoarding. The tricky part will be in choosing which parts you want to add to which part of your ship, as each piece of cosmic crud will have different effects on your cobbled together space craft.

This is Space Junk’s second attempt on Kickstarter but this time it looks like it will fund looking for a mere $7500 CAD.


The Universe is ending and in Chaosmos you have to save your civilisation by bluffing, lying and keeping your assets a secret. The winner of the game is the holder of the Ovoid; an alien artefact that looks like a boiled egg that someone has retrieved from the dust bin.

You’ll gather weapons and equipment on your search for the Ovoid and you’ll have to use them wisely as well as try to work out what your opponents are holding. And just for good measure there’s also a touch of time travel to mess around with.

I’ll admit the artwork isn’t drawing me in on this game but the high level of player interaction looks like a winner. Chaosmos is looking for $40,000.


According to Freddie Mercury, Beelzebub has a devil put aside. In Kingdom, you can play Beelzebub and put a devil to one side to kick that self-important smug grin off of Gabriel’s face. Kingdom is a two player card game in which one player takes the role of the Angels and the other Demons to fight out the battle of the heavens.

Players have a host of Angels and Demons at their disposal but also angelic scripts to grant special abilities and elemental pillars to protect them from attack. All these abilities have to be powered and the nuance in the game appears to be careful balancing of your power and manoeuvrability.

 Kingdom is looking for $27000.
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