News: X-Wing Rebel Transport Details

Fantasy Flight Games have released details about the first huge ship expansion for Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game. The GR-75 Rebel Transport, also known as the blockade runner, is the iconic vessel used by the Rebel Alliance to escape from Hoth in The Empire Strikes back.

This is a different kind of ship and unsurprisingly comes with its own movement templates, power up cards and even its own resource; energy. The GR-75 is not an offensive ship so doesn’t come with any weapons, instead of an attack characteristic it has an energy value. Energy is used to activate special abilities such as a Comms Booster to assign focus tokens, Slicer Tools to deal extra damage and Shield Projector that can absorb damage intended for nearby friendly ships.

There’s also an X-Wing included to act as its escort. There was a concern that this would be a smaller scale X-Wing model to bring the huge ships down in size but it does appear to be a standard X-Wing model but with a new paint job.

The addition is firmly moving X-Wing away from the simple ‘kill everything in space mission’ to a more scenario driven game and of course multiple scenarios are included. These are being wrapped up into ‘Cinematic Play’ and ‘Epic Play’ formats. Cinematic Play is going to involve a series of missions that string together into a larger story led campaign, while the Epic play is a larger game based around whole squadrons of ships.

The Rebel Transport is available for pre-order for the princely sum of $59.95 which works out at roughly £50.

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