Kickstarter Collision: February 2014

It’s a big month for interesting looking Kickstarter projects and many got missed off, in just a few days Tiny Epic Kingdoms, Fate of Norns and Fief are all fully funded great looking projects that have only a couple of days left.

Before we jump ahead, let’s have a look at how last month’s projects faired:
  • War of Omens squeezed through its funding goal raising $2,335 above its $30,000 funding goal
  • A second run through was obviously a success for Space Junk raising $11,170 of a $7,500 goal.
  • Chaosmos doubled its funding goal, meaning we should all get to see thus fun looking negotiation game.
  • Kingdom is still going, and still needs your funding.

Unsung Story

We’ll kick off this month with a videogame, and no it’s not a board game based or CCG based video game, no this is a pure video game, which might have a card game made if it hits the stretch goals. Some of you may have heard of a little game called Fantasy Flight Tactics, or maybe if you’re an iPad board game connoisseur you may have heard of Playdek. Well the two are combining to create a tactical RPG for a host of platforms.

Unfortunately, there’s no gameplay or screenshots, all we have is some fancy concept art to look over at the moment, which means that this project might struggle to fund and its lofty stretch goals are looking quite a stretch.

Unsung Story: Tale of Guardians is looking for $600,000.

Lagoon: Land of Druids

Do you view druids as mystical wizards of a by-gone time or the Dark Age’s hippies? Either way Lagoon is an intriguing looking game based around Druids expanding their influence in a fantasy land. Turn by turn the land will expand by adding a series of beautifully illustrated hexagonal region tiles giving the druids more options each turn.

Player’s win the game by claiming magical seeds or by unravelling the mystical energies of a site, effectively converting the energy of the location to their colour. There are loads of possible powers based on the sites in play and since the site tiles are double sided you can expect plenty of variation.

Lagoon: Land of Druids is looking for $20,000 and has already reached that goal and is now starting to unlock stretch goals.

Oddball Aeronauts

We generally refer to this hobby as tabletop gaming. Well what if I told you there’s a great little card game that doesn’t need a table? Oddball Aeronauts is a two player game where pirates and royal hunters take to the skies in flying ships and battle it out. The gameplay is relatively simple; you pick from your top three in the deck, select a power and choose bonuses based on the other two cards. You then compare that skill to the one your opponent has chosen and then discard or retrieve cards based on the winner.

Every card used has to be discarded so every turn is a balance between keeping cards and using their skills. It’s a quick light little game that can be played practically anywhere. At first this game may look like Top Trumps but there are extra layers of strategy due to numerous skills, bonuses and special abilities.

Oddball Aeronauts is looking for £15,000.

Shadowrift Archfiends

An expansion? For a cop-operative deck builder? On kickstrater? Yet another deck builder can be a bit of a weary sight, but a cooperative one

In Shadowrift you are working together to save the village of Haven from a myriad of invading monsters. In a story that bears a passing resemblance to the Arkham Horror backstory, rifts are opening up around Haven and you and your friends must team up to fight the monsters and seal the rifts. Shadowrift archfiend’s expands the game by adding the big bad themselves, the Archfiends behind the inter-dimensional invasion to the game. Archfiends comes with 6 extra decks each one representing one of the six monster factions and their evil leader.

Shadow rift is often lauded for being a brilliant game with a terrible rule book and one of the items added to the Kickstarter project is a new and revised rule book.

Draco Magi

Richard Launius, creator of Arkham Horror, has made a card game about fighting dragons. I feel as if I could leave the pitch there to be honest with you but if you need to know more then Draco Magi is a strategic card game based around mages battling it out by summoning dragons.

The Dragon artwork looks amazing, if a little familiar and one of the major selling points is the low price point. This isn’t a project that’s planning over indulgent stretch goals; no this is a project that is aiming to get a standard game out of the door for as low as $15 (and works out at just under £18 for us in the UK).
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