News: Age of War the Feudal Japan Dice Game

Fantasy Flight Games have announced the addition of another Reiner Knizia game to their collection and this time it’s a dice game based in Feudal Japan. In Age of War you take the role of rival daimyos as you attempt to conquer castles all in the name of uniting the Japan.

A number of castles are placed on the board and to conquer a castle players have to roll the dice so that the symbols match those on the castle cards. The first thought is that this looks like a confrontational version of Elder Sign; role your dice and assign them to the cards on the board. There is also an element of set collection in play as not only do you get victory points for claiming castles you also get a bonus if you manage to conquer all the castles from a single clan.

If the game looks a little familiar then it may be because you recognise this as a remake of Reiner Knizia’s Risk Express. This isn’t a bad thing, what would you prefer, a boring old Risk dice game or a shiny new beautifully illustrated feudal Japan dice game?

I’m a big fan of Elder Sign, even if it is a little easy and I think that a confrontational version is going to ber a nice little game that can easily slot into an evening’s gaming. The current estimate for game time is 15 to 30 minutes so it looks like this will be a nice little filler.

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