News: Forsaken Lore for Eldritch Horror

We haven’t got round to writing our Eldritch Horror review yet but here is the abridged version; it’s awesome but there aren’t enough Ancient Ones. Eldritch Horror’s method of making a more narrative and structured game, with themed decks for each Ancient One meant that something had to give and that something was a variety. Now Fantasy Flight Games have addressed some of that problem with the first expansion for Eldritch Horror; Forsaken Lore.

The bad news is the Forsaken Lore only adds one extra Ancient One; Yig, the Father of Serpents. Players of Arkham Horror or Eldar Sign will recognise Yig as one of the easier Ancient Ones in those games. The good news is that Forsaken Lore will be full of extra cards for all of the other decks, including extra mysteries for the Ancient Ones already in the game and a new condition, Poisoned.

In short, Forsaken Lore goes a long way to address some of the content issues with the base game and although it’s understandable that there’s only so much you can fit into one box it does feel a bit of shame that these had to come out in an expansion so soon after the release of the initial game. However it is refreshing that Fantasy Flight Games have released an expansion that simply expands the base game with more variety. Arkham Horror expansions added too many new mechanics to the game making each new expansion adding more complication to an already complicated game.

Forsaken Lore is due for release the second quarter of 2014 and looks like an essential expansion for any Eldritch Horror fan.

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