The Cephalyx mind control their way into Warmachine

Privateer Pressed have announced a new faction for Warmachine, a bunch of mind controlling Frankenstein wannabes with a bit of a PVC fetish. Technically not a full faction but a new type of mercenary, the Cephalyx are mind controlling slavers who field augmented drudges and meat shields to do their bidding.

The Cephalyx are closely tied to the Cryx faction, previously available as allies, but are now being expanded into a more detailed mercenary faction. Instead of warjacks The Cephalyx use Monstrosities, a Frankenstein’s monster of living flesh and machinery. It is an entirely new form of large miniature that is neither warjack nor warbeast, and instead has its own rules and is characterised by a low defence and armour but a lot of hit points.

As for their warcasters it appears like mind control is going to be the name of the game. There is a hint that Cephalyx will be able to control opposing models what has been confirmed is that Cephalyx models will act as local buff generators, able to boost the drudges closest to them.

As with all recent Privateer Press releases these are some very nice miniatures, even if not the most original. Although Dark Eldar are what most people are comparing them to they remind me of the pit fighters from Necromunda. So are you looking forward to the newest Warmachine faction or are you more interested in the two new Hordes factions that are rumoured to be in development?

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