Mordheim: City of the Damned video game announced for PC

Focus Home Interactive have announced they are working on a video game adaptation of Games Workshop’s Mordheim: City of the Damned.

Mordheim was Games Workshop’s skirmish level fantasy wargame. Set in the titular city, also known as the City of the Damned, Mordheim saw player’s control small war bands fighting over precious wyrd stone in a city ravaged by a direct hit from a comet.

Games Workshop stopped supporting the game back in 2004, but the rules are still available from the Mordheim resources page. If you ever fancied playing the tabletop version I’d download these files quickly as you can never be sure when Games Workshop will take them down.

Focus Interactive’s game will stay true to the original tabletop version as it will be a turn based tactical game that blends in elements of RPG. You’ll be able to build a fully customisable warband taken from the factions of the original game including the Sisters of Sigmar and Mordheim’s iconic Skaven. Warbands will level up between battles and will have to loot weapons and equipment from the ruined city. There are also some rumours of blending multiplayer matches into the single player campaign.

So far only a few, rather pretty, screenshots have been published and the game is promised to be released by the end of 2014. According to the official Focus Interactive site the developers are Rogue Factor, who unfortunately I’ve never heard of and I can’t find any evidence of them elsewhere. Hopefully this means a fresh faced team of developers who can truly do the City of The Damned justice.

These initial screenshots are evoking a similar vibe to the details coming from Warmachine Tactics kickstarter project. I certainly hope this works out well, because if it does then there’s no excuse for not making a Necromunda video game. Please Games Workshop can we have Necromunda game?

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