Dungeonquest Revised Edition Announced

Dungeonquest Revised Edition board game news

Fantasy Flight Games have announced a new version of the classic Dungeon Quest board game; Dungeonquest Revised Edition.

Dungeonquest Revised Edition board game newsDungeonquest is a classic game of dungeon exploration. You are attempting to get to the dragon’s treasure in the centre of the dungeon before your opponents. Each player starts in the corner of the map and as player’s move further into the dungeon the next room is revealed set of randomised floor tiles. There could be a trap, a monster or some shiny treasure. The random nature means there are never two games the same.

Dungeonquest has had a changeable history as the licence has changed hands many times over its long life. Originally published in 1985 in Sweden as Drakborgen, it made the jump to English when Games Workshop published the game in 1987. The Games Workshop version is the one most people are familiar with. In 2010 Fantasy Flight Games published the game, tweaking the setting to fit into their Terrinoth world. The 2010 version got some mixed responses from fans of the original due to what many people felt was a ‘tacked on’ combat system.

There is a large list of changes that have been made to this new revised version; the biggest changes being streamlined combat, a host of new challenges for experienced players and a limit on the number of times a player can search a room, helping speed up the game.

Dungeonquest Revised Edition board game news
Fantasy Flight Games have worked closely with the game’s original designer Jakob Bonds on this new version and have also added a Torchlight variant that increases the strategy available to players.

Dungeonquest Revised Edition is due for release around the end of 2014.
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