Woodland Expansion for Talisman announced

Talisman The Woodland board game news
It’s been nearly six months since Fantasy Flight Games announced a Talisman expansion, so surely we’re overdue another one. And we are, as Fantasy Flight Games announce The Woodland, another corner board expansion for the magical quest game.

The Woodland is one of Talisman’s corner board expansions. Like the Highlands and the Dungeon before it, The Woodlands will add a new section onto the corner of the board, thereby vastly increasing the size of the playing area and creating a new zone with themed decks. Coincidentally enough The Woodland is a forest themed section of the world so expect to meet all manner sylvanian creatures and monsters, and of course it’s not a woodland realm without elves, lots and lots of elves.

Talisman The Woodland board game news

Each of the corner board expansions released so far have promised a large reward at the end of their trail, whether it be a strong power or a shortcut to the crown of command. The Woodland introduces paths. When entering the woodland you will have the choice of path to select. Each path has a set of restrictions and a goal. If you reach the Destiny space (which I assume is the final location on the Woodland board) and can meet the requirements of your path you are rewarded with a Destiny. Not only do these give you a bonus to one of your stats but also help boost your fate tokens; those all-important re-rolls that help even out some of Talisman’s randomness.

Talisman The Woodland board game news

I must admit that I’m surprised this expansion is coming out. I would have thought that the developers would be moving work from Talisman to Relic but it appears the ever increasing number of Talisman expansions cannot be stopped. I am pleased that this is a corner expansion though. I have only played the Highlands and the Dungeon, but both added a lot of variety to the game and, if you’re lucky enough to survive the Dungeon, actually make the game quicker. The only downside to these expansions is they spread the players out, so direct interaction between the players tends to be reduced.

Talisman: The Woodland is due for release in the third quarter of 2014.

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  1. Sounds like a blast - hope it's as awesome as it looks! The closest I've got where I am is a pop up board game cafe that runs once a month or so.