All hail the King of New York

King of New York box art
IELLO have released details of the upcoming expansion to King of Tokyo by releasing images and dates for the new game King of New York.

King of New York power Captain fish

King of New York will continue the dice rolling Keiju action, this time changing the setting to the big apple itself. Not only is there a roster of new monsters, and new skills there’s also going to be some new mechanics. The base premise is the same, pick a monster and attempt to role the correct combination of dice to dish out damage, heal yourself or collect power ups or victory points. The big difference here is that the big monsters what to make it big on Broadway, not only are you keeping track of health and victory points but you can now collect fame points

King of New York power up cards
 With Keiju (I swear I’d never even heard of the word last year) being big business at the moment, what with films such as Pacific Rim and the recent Godzilla, you can see this being a perfect time to release the next instalment. My only resentment at the moment is that this looks like more of the same, although we’re promised a new fame mechanic the images and cards released so far don’t suggest any changes to the gameplay.

King of New York power up cards
A ‘ few hundred copies’ of King of New York will be available at Gen Con 2014 with the game going on general release in September.

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