JRPG combat card game Terrene Odyssey coming to Kickstarter

JRPG battle card game terrene odyssey
For years I’ve been wondering why there aren’t more games based around the combat from Japanese RPG videogames. There are loads of games influenced by JRPGs but none of them have ever managed to capture that Final Fantasy combat feel, which is odd when you consider it’s such a mechanical system and a popular genre. Well upcoming Kickstarter game Terrene Odyssey is just that, a card game that duplicates JRPG battles

Terrene Odyssey is a customisable card game where you replicate the random encounter battles of JRPGs. Even though you make the 30 card deck before the game, you’re not fully beholden to the random draw, as you choose heroes and the equipment out of your deck at the start of the game. Terrene Odyssey feature 108 unique cards with three copies of each card in the base set, giving you a huge variety of options straight out of the box.

Of course it’s not an RPG without XP and levelling up, and that’s exactly what your characters will be able to do as the game progresses. Levelling up is based around the location you are fighting over and can give you bonuses to attack, defence and increasing you hand size. The interesting thing here is that your levelling up is part of your deck build so you can customise your deck to include the locations and levelling you want.

Do you want to give the game a go? Good, because a print & play version is available as well as a comprehensive how to play video:

Terrene Odyssey hits Kickstarter on the 7th July. In the mean time you can keep up to date on Terrene Odyssey’s facebook and twitter.

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