Stock up on Lemsip: Pandemic Legacy is coming

Pandemic Legacy

We all kind of knew it was true, what with the rumours and wild speculation floating around the internet, but Z-Man games have officially announced that Pandemic Legacy is coming.
Pandemic is the classic game about saving the world from a multitude of contagious outbreaks. It has already spawned a number of expansion and stand alone spin off games but Pandemic Legacy is something else. ‘Legacy’ is becoming the standard term for a board game played as a campaign where as the campaign progress the game changes permanently.  The term was spawned by the game Risk Legacy, the first game of its kind that told players to write on the board, rip up cards and even had a couple of secrets hidden in its box.

Being developed by both Pandemic’s designer Matt Leacock (who’s also working on a Thunderbirds game) and Risk Legacy’s designer Rob Daviau means we’re definitely getting the best of both worlds. We don’t know much, but we do know that events from one game will affect the next and that characters will change and maybe even die. The question is will the diseases evolve into horrible super bugs? Best keep some hand gel within reach.

Although there are a couple of these kind of games in development, as Rob Daviau is also writing Seafall, another Legacy game for Plaid Hat games, this appears to be the first Legacy game based upon a cooperative game and its going to be interesting to see how this develops. The release date is currently unknown but Z-Man games website and facebook will keep you up to date.

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