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  Mage Company, the Greek game developers behind games such as 12 Realms and Höyük, have given us a massive information dump so we’re running a special news round up with news on Höyük's release, 12 Realms expansions and their latest and upcoming Kickstarter projects.

Raid & Trade

Raid & Trade box art
First off is Raid & Trade an upcoming Kickstarter from Mage Company’s in house team. Set in the aftermath of World War III, players will have to raid abandoned buildings, trade with other and players and even attack and steal to gain the upper hand and guarantee survival. Characters will be profession based and they can craft items based on their skills. The game will also feature some nice miniatures that are all being previewed on the Board Game Geek page
Raid & Trade miniatures
So far the game looks rather interesting and a departure from Mage Company’s previous games. Demos will be available on Mage Company’s stand at Essen Spiel and the Kickstarter project will go live in November. Keep an eye on the Polyhedron Collider Facebook page and we’ll give a shout out when the project starts.

The Orcfather

Currently running on Kickstarter is The Orcfather, a fantasy themed mafia game. Players split into two teams representing two ‘families’ of which one player is the godfather. The aim of the game is to eliminate the opposing godfather while protecting your own and involves all manner of bluffing and deceit.

The Orcfather is looking for $8000 and is currently around halfway to that mark.

12 Realms and Höyük at Essen Spiel

Mage Company will be at this year’s Essen Spiel, the giant gaming convention that is just a few weeks away. Demos of Raid & Trade will be available at Hall 3 Booth O103. In addition you’ll be able to pick up the reprint of 12 Realms. This new version includes revised rules, pre-assembled miniatures and the Essen version will include a small expansion for the game. The first full expansion for 12 Realms, Ancestors Legacy will not be available to buy but you will be able to play it.

Mage Company Essen Speil 2014

Recent Kickstarter success Höyük will also be available to buy. Höyük is a Middle Eastern theme game about building civilisations that involves lots of stacking and is based on a highly popular game that so far has only been available as a print and play game.
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