PlayMe wonders onto Kickstarter

PlayMe on Kickstarter PlayMe, a dice game for 2 to 6 players based on Alice in Wonderland, is now on Kickstarter.

In PlayMe every player is trapped in Wonderland and their only way out is to catch the White Rabbit, the only creature that can travel between Wonderland and the real world. To capture the white Rabbit requires a combination of dexterity and strategy. Players need to have all six dice showing the six different faces (i.e. 1 to 6). These dice are rolled in real time, there are no turns, and so what you get is a game of frantically rolling dice as fast as possible. If this is all there was to the game it would be pretty boring but thankfully you have a number of special moves hidden under a toadstool that allow you to block other players and force them to roll your blocking dice to continue.

Once a player completes their set they turn their character sheet over to the madness side and play gain. However, if all players are currently on their madness card the player in last place turns into the Jabberwocky and the remaining players have to defeat the Jabberwocky as a team.

All your favourite Lewis Carroll characters are here and represented in some lovely artwork, which thankfully has moved away from the grim-dark version of Alice we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. PlayMe looks like a light and fast game that would be suitable for families or as a quick filler game at your board game nights.

PlayMe is looking for $25,000

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