Tash-Kalar new version and Everfrost expansion

Tash Kalar board game news and Everfrost Expansion
I like Tash-Kalar. It’s an interesting and unique abstract game that involves laying down tokens in patterns to release giant monsters into a gladiatorial battlefield. I really like Tash-Kalar buy apparently Z-Man Games doesn’t like me.

Those lucky enough to buy the game at Essen Speil 2013 direct from CGE (Czech Games Edition) got the game at a reasonable price, when the English language version was released the RRP was an eye-watering £50! This asking price grated so much because Tash-Kalar is a really simple game. It included a board, some token and a deck of cards. For £50 you would expect around 5kg of tokens and a host of miniatures. I would have expected to pay around £25 to £30, around the same price as the excellent Neuroshima Hex. It put me off adding the game to my collection and I don’t think I was the only one.

new Tash-Kalar token artwork

Well the good news is that CGE have set up their own distribution network for Tash-Kalar and cranked it up a notch in the process. Not only will Tash-Kalar now be available at the more reasonable price (good news in itself) of £26.99 they’ve also upgraded the art design of the board, cards and tokens. If that wasn’t enough they’ve also announced the first expansion for the game, Everfrost.

As the name suggests Everfrost is themed around frozen wastes, snow covered plain and icy mountains, you might want to bring a jumper. Not only does this add an extra faction to the game with their own special abilities and mighty beasts but the new frozen mechanic is also included allowing you to save up special attacks for the most opportune moment.

Tash-Kalar Everfrost expansion

The new version of Tash-Kalar is available this week and the expansion and an upgrade pack for owners of the original version are both available at Essen Spiel.

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