Eternity Wars re-launches on Kickstarter

 Eternity Wars re-launches on Kickstarter
Eternity War, a 2 player card game inspired by real-time strategy games such as Command & Conquer and Warcraft, has re-launched on Kickstarter.

Eternity Wars is a customisable card game and, via the starter set and a small series of expansions, you can construct a personalised deck and sideboard of cards.

Eternity Wars isn’t just about the cards in your deck, area control is a vital concept and controlling the locations on the battlefield is just as important as the strength of your units. The battlefield is broken into a series of zones or lanes and players build up both units and buildings into these lanes. In addition, units can move forward occupying space and preventing units from being deployed.

Where the Command & Conquer style of play is realised is that units have to be deployed in front of buildings. Since your opponent can also destroy your buildings, this leads to a highly tactical card game.

My only issue is the Eternity Wars is a lane based combat method, and on the whole I’m not a fan of this system. However this game looks much more dynamic than your typical lane game with units moving around the play area and even moving forward to block lanes and make aggressive attacks.

Eternity Wars The Card Game is looking for $3,0000.

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