Friends and Foes on Kickstarter

Friends and Foes kickstarter boardgame 
Friends and Foes is evoking a fantasy version of Galactic Arena, the science fiction gladiatorial combat game that we previewed a couple of months back. Galactic Arena had its issues (the biggest of all was a poorly written rulebook) but Friends and Foes appears to sideswipe these with logical card driven actions and a more straightforward ruleset. In Friends and Foes you’ll team up with a like thinking group of fantasy archetypes to kick the magic wielding, armour wearing snot out of another team of fantasy archetypes.

Raising money on the usual place, Friends and Foes is a fantasy tactical skirmish board game where to get the best results you’re going to have to combo your move with elemental forces for the greatest effect. There’s also a smidgeon of resource management thrown in for good measure, with a focus system that has to be balanced by the action cards you play.

Friends and Foes kickstarter board game

The artwork is still very much work in progress, but the illustrations completed so far are very good and reminds me of 80’s board games and Fighting Fantasy books. Friends and Foes is looking for $30,000 and if they get 30 backers in the EU they’ll make the project EU friendly, which after having to pay customs on a board game this week, along with the extortionate ‘administration fee’ I’m very happy to see.

The great thing about the game is that the ginger archer dude on the cover looks like me, if I lost 3 stone and could grow a beard.
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