Peteresen Games bring Theomachy to English

Peteresen Games bring Theomachy to English
To me one of the great opportunities for Kickstarter is to bring games that already exist to new markets. MAGE Company did it this year with Höyük, bringing a popular print and play game into a published game. There’s a whole world of board games that us in the English speaking world haven’t even played and so to bring the card game Teomachie to the world Historical Games Factory and Petersen Games are heading to Kickstarter to make an English version of the card drafting game.

The English version will be renamed Theomachy but the game will remain the same. The Gods are at war and your role is to eliminate your opponents’ followers.
“Drafting prayer cards and power cards allows you to slowly build your might. Using those cards, you send your followers into battles, build temples, and inflict terrible curses on the unfaithful. You face a tough decision in every single hand: Should you put your own power on the line to help your believers win their battles, or should you turn your back on them, sending them to a certain death? If no god yields, hurricanes will face off with deathly plagues, tempests will extinguish walls of fire, and the ranks of the faithful will grow smaller every second.”

To me the name Petersen Games is instantly recognisable, because I grew up playing the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game and Sandy Petersen’s name is plastered all over that rulebook. Petersen Games is his new games company and has gained familiarity with their gut busting levels of funding on Cthulhu Wars. Since Petersen Games is working the game you won’t be surprised to learn that the card game will be adding even more Cthulhuness to the game and extending the number of factions.

The bad news is the Kickstarter hasn’t begun yet and won’t go live until early 2015. The good news is that if you are attending BGG Con in Dallas you can play the game this weekend.

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