12 Realms is coming like a Ghost Town

12 Realms is coming like a Ghost Town
12 Realms is fast approaching living up to its name. Four Realms where included in the base game, four more in Ancestor’s Legacy and now one more is available in the latest 12 Realms Expansion Ghost Town.

Not only does Ghost Town add another board to 12 Realms it also adds a few more mechanics. Whoever starts the game in the Ghost Town is trapped until they find all three of the Sherriff’s items, until that point they can’t leave the realm and other players can’t move to their realm to help them. Also the villains in the Ghost Town don’t die when defeated but instead turn into ghosts, flipping over tokens to their ghostly form and must be defeated again.

If you’re a fan of 12 Realms then Ghost Town looks like an essential purchase, further increasing the variation and replayability of the game and by the looks of the new mechanics also increasing the difficulty for those looking for a new challenge.

12 Realms Ghost Town is already funded.

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