V-Commandos sneak onto Kickstarter

V-Commandos Kickstarter
Did you ever play Commandos on the PC? It was a complex strategy game where the aim was to complete your mission using a team of highly specialised Commandoes from a broad spectrum of allied World War II forces, and it was ridiculously difficult.

If you have played Commandos then you’ll get what V-Commandos is doing because it is recreating the same form of game play but in tabletop form.

V-Commandos is a fully cooperative strategy games where you take a team of highly specialised commandos and attempt scenario driven objectives. The game promises an innovative stealth system to hide from the Nazis and players can steal enemy uniforms, use silenced weapons and perform stealthy take-downs of enemy soldiers.

To succeed your team of crack soldiers will have to use stealth, skills and host of specialist equipment to complete the mission and avoid getting caught. Although characters are armed with some serious WWII weaponry they are vastly outnumbered by Nazi soldiers so will have to stay hidden if they hope to survive.

Drawing inspiration from video games such as Commandos, Hidden and Dangerous and Splinter Cell this game is promising a fresh take on stealth in board games. I really like the look of V-Commandos because stealth video games have always been a strong favourite of mine (because of Thief I still can’t look at medieval architecture without working out where I can fire a rope arrow to climb up).

There are only a few days left to back V-Commandos but it has already past its funding goal and is now sneaking up on some stretch goals.
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