Thunderbirds are Go!

Thunderbirds are go
The Thunderbirds cooperative board game from Modiphius and Matt Leacock has hit Kickstarter and has made its funding goal in less than 1 day!

In case you didn't grow up in the UK, Thunderbirds, also know as International Rescue, are a family team of ace pilots with an array of amazing technology at their disposal who fly around the world saving people from disasters. The show was the classic puppet program from Gerry Anderson, there was also a big budget Hollywood movie, but we try to forget about that.

Thunderbirds cooperative boardgame

Modiphius announced the game during last year’s UK Games Expo, and since then I've been rather excited by the concept. Thunderbirds are an excellent theme for a cooperative game, each team member of the Thunderbirds has different skills and vehicles and International Rescue work as a team to save the day. The entire program was all about getting the right people to the right place and you can see how this will translate well into a board game. Matt Leacock, designer of Pandemic, has an extremely strong pedigree in coop board game design so it's no surprise it made it to my list of games to look forward to in 2015.

The first draft of the rules are available from Matt Leacock's website, and so far look very much as you would expect, which to me is a good thing. There's a hint of Pandemic to the proceedings as players move around the world, prepare and attempt rescues. One of the actions involves loading vehicles in and out of Thunderbird 2! If players take too long preparing their rescues then they give The Hood more time to enact his devious plot.
Thunderbirds board game pieces

Thunderbirds is looking for £20,000 but has already doubled that goal, F.A.B.

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