Feel like the Iron Bank of Bravos with Game of Thrones Metal Coins

Feel like the Iron Bank of Bravos with Game of Thrones Metal Coins
Shire Post Mint is a misleading company name, but only in a really pedantic way, because they’re not based in the Shire. I should know I live in the shire, no I’m serious, and Tolkien’s Shire was influenced by Worcestershire where I currently live. Shire Post Mint is in fact based in those United States of America and makes its way in the world by minting licensed fantasy coins and at the moment they’re running a Kickstarter to fund a selection of Game of Thrones coins.

Game of Thrones Metal Coins

Shire Post Mint has been making official Westeros coins since 2003, long before HBO came along (and I’m embarrassed to say a long time before I had heard of the A Song of Fire and Ice books). So what’s this got to do with us gamers? These coins have been specifically designed to replace the cardboard coins used in A Game of Thrones the Card Game. They can also be used in any other circumstance where you want to replace boring old cardboard coins with shiny metals that make clinky noises when you throw them down.

There’s a host of pledge levels to suit most wallets, going from the single coins to a massive $1000 pledge level that gets you absolutely everything, but for most people you’ll probably be aiming for around the $50 mark for a set of 20 half pennies and 20 half dragons in your choice of Great House. Now might be an opportune time to get hold of some ahead of this year’s release of the Game of Thrones Card Game Second Edition.

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