Welcome to the Jungle, Lords of War Elves and Lizardmen returns to Kickstarter

Lords of War Elves vs Lizardmen
By now you should know all about Lords of War. You don’t! Well it’s a very clever two player card game, where the location of your card is just as important as how hard it is. Black Box Games have had great success with the game so far, Dwarves vs Orcs, Elves vs Lizardmen, Templars vs Undead, magic and weather, well now they are returning to Kickstarter to add some magical power ups to the Elves and Lizardmen factions.

Lords of War Elves vs LizardmenLords of War Elves vs Lizardmen Ent

Lords of War: Elves versus Lizardmen II - Monsters & Magic is the fifth versus set for the card battling game. What can we expect in this new pack? Just like the previous Dwarves and Orcs set, this Magic and Monsters expands two factions with bigger beasts, spell casters and fliers. Don’t worry if you think these might trample over previous decks as Martin assures us that all Lords of War decks are perfectly balanced:

Black Box games have had a stellar record with their previous campaigns; each Kickstarter conducted so far has shipped on schedule. This project should be no different as the cards are all designed, play-tested and good to go, they just need someone to fire up the printing press. If this is your first venture into the world of Lords of War then all the previous boxed sets are available as add-ons, as are the play-mats, which I highly recommend as the paper mats that come with the game are a bit naff.

Lords of War Elves vs Lizardmen RaptorLords of War Elves vs Lizardmen Adohi

Lords of War is one of those games that is just sublime. It’s an absolute doddle to learn the rules and you’ll be into the game in no time, but it will take some time to be truly proficient with every card in your deck and the game richly rewards those who think tactically.

The Lords of War: Elves versus Lizardmen II - Monsters & Magic Kickstarter is online now.

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