Battlebards is Kickstarting Your Ears

Making your roleplaying game experiences more atmospheric has been the aim of many a Dungeon Master, it aids the players’ immersion in the experience. Actually attacking a player with a sword or making a poison dart trap for the players to disarm may be going a bit far and will usually end in a trip to the local Accident & Emergency ward so the next best thing is to add some atmospheric music to your gaming session and that’s what Battlebards is there to do.

Battlebards is a library of ambient audio, epic scores and character dialogue that you can use to add flavour to any fantasy gaming, whether it’s a full on epic Dungeons & Dragons campaign, or you just want some background music for your latest escapades in Descent.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so turn up your speakers or headphones and lets have a listen.

Your party has just made it into the ancient dwarven temple, cut off from the outside world for hundreds of years, and now behold its regal majesty.

I’ll admit some of the spoken text can be a bit cheesy, but then again it still sounds much better than most GMs who are trying to put on an authentic innkeeper voice that sounds strangely reminiscent of the voice of the farmer the adventurers met on the way here.

Where Battlebards really shines is the ambient and atmospheric sound effects, it’s probably going to be most players go to set of sounds, especially if your players are the dungeoneering type.

It’s not a new concept, I remember getting a shiny compact disc of gaming soundtracks in Dragon Magazine way back in the mid 90’s but where Battlebards goes beyond a mere CD or MP3 is the software that allows you to search the library of over 500 sounds and create soundboards ready for each gaming session and personalized mixes of sound effects and music.

Battlebards is on Kickstarter now.

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