Blackout has glowing green undead

Blackout Kickstarter board game news

Update: Bad news people, the Blackout Kickstarter has been cancelled. The good news is that its back with better shipping rates and EU Friendly shipping (which means no nasty import tax surprises). Not only that but the new version of the project reached its funding goal in a matter of hours!

To view the new project go to this link.

Original Story: Seriously game designers you really do know what I’m a sucker for don’t you? I mean look at Blackout; post-apocalyptic, vampires, strategic miniature based combat, it’s like you somehow hacked into my mind and found all the things that tickle my acquisition disorder.

The nature of the post-apocalypytic event in Blackout is somewhat unknown, but it has forced humanity to find shelter in underground communities. The result of the ‘event’ however is known, undead and giant rats simply known as ‘The Brood’. You know they’re evil because they have glowy green bits.

Blackout Kickstarter board game

Gameplay follows a group of trackers, engineers and hunters as they venture into what remains of the world looking for glory, supplies and answers. What follows is a story based dungeon crawler-esque game where your character will search through some beautifully drawn ruined city artwork using all manner of skills and weaponry.

Scratch a little deeper into the rules and Blackout is a very advanced looking game; it looks like someone has taken the miniatures combat out of an RPG but stripped out some of the roleplaying elements. The vibe I’m getting off this game is a story based Necromunda, with demons and a GM, and who’s to say the GM isn’t a demon.

Blackout Kickstarter miniatures

The kicker however for us European based backers is this game is not EU shipping friendly and the shipping cost itself is around the $50 mark. This means a basic copy of the game is going to cost in the region of £100 once you’ve paid for shipping and import duty but if you’re in the US this looks like a good deal.

Blackout is on Kickstarter now.

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