Who Dares Rolls reads us a 12 Realms Bedtime Storie

Yay Games Sandcastles Interview
MAGE Games are currently blasting through their latest Kickstarter for 12 Realms: Bedtime Stories. Chock full of miniatures and tokens, Bedtime Stories is the third expansion for 12 Realms and takes the number of Realms available to play up to the titled 12.

If all this 12 Realms is a bit new to you, then you can either go check out our 12 Realms review or watch the extra slick promotional video by fellow UK Gaming Media Network member Gaming Rules.

Bedtime Stories expands the original 12 Realms with more plots, more characters and, of course, more realms.

Still not sure, here's Mike from Who Dares Rolls discussing the game with Alex from MAGE Company:

12 Realms Bedtime Stories is on Kickstarter now.

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