Star Wars The Force Awakens X-Wing Core Set Leaked

Star Wars the Force Awakens X-Wing Core Set

Update 2: Force Friday has been and gone and now Fantasy Flight Games have officially announced the Force Awakens Core Set.

Update: Images of the Pilot Cards for both ships have been leaked, see below.

Original Story: Based on the talk from Fantasy Flight Games' Inflight Report at Gen Con, we knew we were getting new X-Wing ships from the new Force Awakens and that all the parts had been manufactured already. Well now we have proof as images of a new Force Awakens X-Wing core set have been leaked.

The interesting thing here is that this isn't just a repaint of the existing core set, these are new ships and new upgrade cards. We can't see much but we do now know that the new X-Wing ships are getting a boost action.

Sorry for the grainy quality but this is all that has been leaked so far.

For some more ideas of what ship from The Force Awakens may also make it to X-Wing and Armada, check out our list of leaked Force Awakens ships.

Star Wars the Force Awakens X-Wing Core Set 
 Star Wars the Force Awakens X-Wing Core Set

A few days later, some leaked images of the Pilot cards has emerged, confirming the statistics for the new ships and the pilot abilities. It still raises questions over what the new upgrade symbol means.

Star Wars X-Wing T-70 Pilot Cards
Star Wars X-Wing TIE/FO Fighter Pilot Cards

Force Awakens X-Wing Weapons Guiance BB-8

Force Awakens X-Wing Weapons Guiance R5-X3 and wired

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