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Are you a storyteller, a yarn spinner, a master of dungeons? Do you create worlds, forge landscapes or sculpt characters? Have you ever peered over the top of your Game Master's screen and thought "this needs to go wider than this paltry group of adventurers"? If so then Liber Primus Games, wants to speak to you about their latest series of game books.

Liber Primus Games are creators of Narborion Saga, a series of game books for tablets, smartphones and PC. Starting with their own epic yarn of tales, they recently opened up their game book system to fantasy author Richard Morgan with A Land Fit for Heroes releasing soon, and now they're looking for more writers to work with them and create the next series of epic adventure.

A Land Fit for Heroes

Liber Primus Games' game book are the modern digital equivalent of the old adventure books. More Fighting Fantasy than Choose Your Own Adventure, the technology that  Liber Primus Games have built allows for hundreds of story choices, character progression, skill checks and even tactical combat.

Liber Primus Games are looking for writer who can take this concept to the next level. Maybe you're a budding fantasy author and want to get your story to a wider audience. Maybe you've written an original and exciting role playing game campaign and want to share the adventure with more players.

Narborion Saga Wyrm

If so then Liber Primus Games wants to speak, so contact them here. Full details are available on the Narborion website, but Liber Primus are looking for the following:
  •  A short (2-3 pages) description of your story idea, describing the story, its theme, main characters, enemies, length, targeted readers and so on. If can either be of any genre, we do not have a fantasy-only restriction.
  • Your idea about the creative work. You will want your own look-and-feel for your game, your own logo, colors, fonts, illustration… Do you want us to create this or do you have someone to take care of that?
  • What is your proposed timeframe for the publication? In other terms, when do you think it’s realistc to go live with you game?
  • …and anything else you would like to communicate to us regarding your project!

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