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The Banner Saga has to be one of my favourite video games of recent years. Norse Mythology, half giants, tactical combat and decisions so difficult you cannot make the right one, only one that feels right for you. That’s why I was really pleased to hear that MegaCon games, the chaps’ behind Mercs and Myth, are making a board game version.

So far details have been sparse, apart from the odd low resolution image there’s been very little to go on. Apparently MegaCon have been working closely with Stoic, the original video game developers, for nearly a year and the plan is to launch a kickstarter on the 12th November.

The veil of secrecy on Banner Saga Warbands is starting to lift and I am very pleased to say we have received some images of the prototype minis and board.
Banner Saga Warbands board game tactical combat

Banner Saga Warbands board game
Banner Saga Warbands board game miniatures
Banner Saga Warbands board

Looking at the images, it appears that the tabletop game will follow the video game very closely. You can see all the major mechanics of the game here, including the tactical combat that’s core to the game. The complicated part is going to be the translation of the decision making, but I can imagine it working similar to Dead of Winter’s Crossroad System.

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