Android : Mainframe Announced

Android: Mainframe

Fantasy Flight Games have announced a new game in their Android Netrunner universe, Andriod: Mainframe, a fast, light game of hacking.

This is the fourth game set in the Android universe, the other three being Android, Infiltration and Netrunner. Based on a similar theme to Netrunner, and not the Blade Runner detective noir of Android, Mainframe has players acting as rival runners as they attempt to hack their way through a megacorporation's digital defences and steal its riches.

It’s all about spatial control, as you attempt to control nodes on the board but can also lay down tracks, representing sub-routines to block in your token, thereby securing the node. There are a number of special characters in the game, each with their own complement of unique subroutines, meaning each player has to different strategies.

Android: Mainframe

Mainframe is very different in style to the previous games in the series, and with a play time of less than half an hour quoted, considerably lighter than its Grandfather Android. To be honest Mainframe looks more like a mini game that you would see in Android.

I rather like the look of Android Mainframe, looking like a more random version of Nexus. Hopefully the price point will be right, as I think with such a light game it’s also going to have to be a relatively low price to encourage hard-core Netrunner players to give it a go.

Android: Mainframe is due to be released in the middle of 2016.
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