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cool mini or not bloodborne board game news

Update: Added a link to Erig Lang's Twitter where he made the announcement.

Original article: At the time of writing this article I am 30 hours into the Bloodborne video game. 30 hours of despair, swearing and nearly throwing my controller at the TV. 30 hours of fighting beasts and barely surviving fights with an electrified werewolf the size of a house. And I have enjoyed every minute so I am really excited that Cool Mini or Not and Eric Lang have announced a Bloodborne board game.

Bloodborne is third person hack and slash game, based heavily on the Dark Souls series but set in a fantasy Regency era land full of werewolves, Mr Hyde monsters and Cthulhu like beings. Like its Dark Souls brethren it is renowned for it punishing difficulty and dark, bleak storyline. If you're a Magic the Gathering player, think Innistrad and you'll be right at home.

cool mini or not bloodborne board game

So Cool Mini or Not and Eric Lang are teaming up to bring us a Bloodborne board game, a thing I have wanted but never really thought possible. Details released on Twitter by Eric Lang himself have told us that the game is going to be a card game based on the video game's Chalice dungeons that plays in around 30 minutes.

Chalice Dungeons are a side quest in the video game, where players can explore the expansive sewer and lost city areas that sprawl below the great city of Yharnam. Each layer is a maze of secret doors and tunnels occupied by horrifying creatures and each level is protected by a huge and often quite terrifying boss monster.

bloodborne you died

The key to Bloodborne, and Dark Souls before it was the constant death and the need to push forward and regain the blood echoes you previously lost. It sounds like this was a big inspiration in the card game's design, as death will be common and players have to carefully manage their inventory and blood echoes (experience points in layman’s terms).

Bloodborne board game electric werewolf

If Mr Lang can manage to channel the frustration and intensity of the video game while keeping it fun and engaging, then I can see Bloodborne being a great game and an instant purchase for myself.

May the good blood guide you.

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