FAITH The Sci-Fi RPG Interview

FAITH The Sci-Fi RPG Interview

You may remember last year I spoke to Spanish game developer Burning Games, the team behind FAITH The Sci-Fi RPG. At the time they were just embarking on their Kickstarter journey but now the games is complete and in players’ hands and now Burning Games are looking to Kickstarter again to create the first wave of expansions, so it was time to have another chat with Carlos Gómez Quintana from Burning Games about the current state of FAITH.

In case people missed our first interview or your Kickstarter, tell us what FAITH is?

Well first and foremost, it is a table top roleplaying game that just happens to use some board game elements to streamline the gameplay. Its mechanics are based around the player decks, which allow players to manage their luck and choose when to fail or succeed to an extent, and it has many other elements such as weapons or NPCs represented in reference cards.

I last spoke to you was around a year ago and you were just starting your crowd funding, how did the Kickstarter go?

Fortunately, it was funded successfully and reached quite a few stretch goals which brought tons of new content to the game, including two playable species. Now that the project has finally been closed after plenty of interesting endeavours through customs and freight, we can say we are really happy with how everything has turned out and how amazing and understanding the community has been.

FAITH The Sci-Fi RPG game box

Now the game is in the hands of real players, what has the feedback been like?

Thus far we are really happy with the feedback we are receiving. We have a very supportive community and we have had a lot of constructive feedback that will allow us to improve the game in future editions, as well as a lot of appreciation for what we have achieved with the game, both in terms of systems and setting, and product design.

Have there been any surprises?

Being our first project, there's been a few surprises during pretty much every phase, but it has been a great learning experience. Some things, such as getting fulfilment orders ready, have been a lot easier than we anticipated, but others such as getting the game through customs, have been a little more complex than we expected. In the end, we have learned many things that will help us streamline our future projects, so we are really happy about it.

Where there any regrets with the way you run Kickstarter or the first version of FAITH?

Being our first Kickstarter, there are many things we could have done differently had we known better, but all in all we are very satisfied with how it all turned out. Having four different versions of the game (Retail and Deluxe, both in English and Spanish) has been the cause of many headaches, and a few logistic details with freight companies and customs have kept us awake for more nights than we would have liked, but the joy of bringing the game to the homes of our dear backers makes it all worth it.

FAITH The Sci-Fi RPG character sheet

I saw the game at Essen and was amazed by the push in stat cards, how easy was it to get those to work?

We have counted with the invaluable help of many play testers, who have been kind enough to play with us time after time. It has helped us balance the cards to a pretty good extent, but there's something that cannot be forgotten: in an RPG, not everything needs to be perfectly balanced. There are weapons which are significantly more powerful than others, there are enemies who can plainly destroy a starting character with no problem and there are others who aren't much more than a speed bump. We are aware of it and we embrace it, as that is the nature of RPGs. Some items in real life are just plain better than others for the same task, and some people is simply more experienced, though or skilled and will beat others every time, and that is alright.

What’s next for FAITH

We are excited about the world of possibilities that is open ahead of us. We are working with our distributors to plan a reprint, but more importantly, we are working on a Campaign expansion that will take a group of players in an exploration journey to a Ravager planet, where they will discover plenty of things about them and their origin, as well as partake in their internal struggles if they are brave enough. We plan on funding it through Kickstarter soon, so stay tuned if you don't want to miss it!

Its setting brings the conflict of the technological Corvo and the sociable Iz'kal to the table. They are two powerful alien species struggling to control more exits of the Labyrinth, the web of wormholes that connects the universe. The humans are caught in between this conflict, and used as mercenaries and soldiers due to their physical superiority along the Raag, a primitive but tough species organised in clans. Finally, the Ravager are a mutant menace that only seeks to improve itself, destroying entire planets in the process. Our new campaign is based around them and how the other species rally together to defend civilisation.

FAITH The Sci-Fi RPG game contents

Apart from playtesting FAITH, what have you been playing?

We are pretty excited to be playtesting Corball, a project we are developing with Anthony Jones of Robotpencil, about which we can talk more extensively another day ;)
Outside of our regular playtesting schedule, lately we are playing a lot of Blood Rage and Conquest, among many others we play less often.

If people missed the Kickstarter where can they get hold of FAITH?

We have been lucky to have found distribution partners in the UK, Spain and the US, so if you are in one of those countries (and probably most European countries too) you can simply go to your usual friendly local game store and ask them. If they don't stock it, they can probably order it in for you. Alternatively, you can also support us directly through our online store.

If you want to know more about Burning Game and FAITH The Sci-Fi RPG then head over to their website, Facebook or Twitter.

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