Guild Ball Kick Off May be the Best 2-player Starter Set for Board Gamers

Guild ball kick off news

I keep meaning to try Guild Ball. Everyone says I will love the combination of skirmish miniatures game and proper Football – none of this hand egg stuff.

But I’ve had two problems.

I was going to try the game at Salute, but kind of got distracted by Dark Souls, if your meaning of distracted is screaming like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert. The other problem is where do I start? Most miniature games can be a bit impervious to the casual gamer; you need a beautifully rendered table top, some miniatures, a rulebook and then all manner of tokens, counters and templates.

Which is why I am very impressed with what Steamforged Games are showing off at Essen currently because Guild Ball Kick Off may not just be the best 2-player starter set I have seen so far, it’s also the best starter set to encourage your average board gamer to take a look.

Guildball Kick Off miniatures in packaging

Kick Off has all your two-player starter set staples; enough miniatures for two people to play a starter game, a rulebook in regulation mini format and some dice. A few years ago this would have been more than enough but Steamforged have gone several steps further, including all the required templates, dice and tokens as well. But the icing on the cake, and the cherry on top of that icing is the inclusion of a board, an actual cardboard folding board to play your games on.

No crappy poster prints that wrinkle at the first hint of moisture, no having to paint giant slabs of wood green and or getting flock absolutely everywhere.  Kick Off will come with a fold out board that is also modular allowing you to play a 2’ x 2’ starter game and then expand out to 3’ x 3’ for more standard games.

guild ball kick off fold out board
Kick Off is currently being demoed at Essen Spiel and will be available to buy November.
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