Space Hulk is back...again!

Space Hulk is back...again!

Update:  According to details in December's White Dwarf (told to us by eagle eye Google+ follower Alun Heseltine), The new Space Hulk will be released on 3rd December and retail for £75.

Original Article: Did you get rid of your old original Space Hulk? Did you fail to catch the limited 3rd edition version of Space Hulk back in 2009? Did you fail to catch the reprint of the other limited edition in 2014? Well never fear, because Space Hulk is coming back. Again.

Leaked via a video on Warhammer TV (which actually isn’t half bad), not only are we told that Space Hulk will be available again but that it will also come with new board sections; boarding torpedoes, breached hill and a turbolift.

The release date is unknown, apart from the very vague ‘the holidays’, which I think is any time between the John Lewis advert being released and Christmas eve

Now the cynical amongst you will see this as another cash-grab move by Games Workshop, re-releasing Space Hulk has been a sure fire hit both times and copies have flown off the shelves (usually to appear on eBay a couple of days later at twice the price).  But I’m willing to give Games Workshop a bit of a pass at the moment.

There seems to be a change in the wind. There’s no mention, as yet, that this is a limited release, nor any promise that we will never see it again. Things also seem to be changing in other areas of Games Workshop. They have just re-released Blood Bowl, showing a dedication to the old specialist games range, long dead miniature sets like genestealer cults and the Thousand Suns have had new models and White Dwarf actually has rules in it, rather than being a glorified catalogue.

Something is changing at Games Workshop, and I’m hoping the re-release of Space Hulk is a sign of more good things to come. (My money is on rules for genestealer hybrids.)
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