The UK Games Expo 2017

The UK Games Expo 2017

Chaos. Games. Minis. Press. Cameras. Shops. Stalls. Cosplay. Shows. Talks. Seminars. And Two prats from Polyhedron Collider. It's the UK Games Expo, it’s the biggest tabletop gaming convention in the UK and it’s only a few weeks away.

The UK Games Expo is the main event in Britain's gaming calendar. What was once a humble convention in a Birmingham hotel is now big enough to be ranked amongst the Gen Cons, Origins and Essens of this world (and personally I think it's a lot more fun than Essen). From the 2nd to 4th June, the UK Games Expo will be in full swing at the NEC in Birmingham and it promises to be bigger, better, and more amazeballs than ever (this being one of the few situations when the word 'amazeballs' is justified).

I keep being reassuringly told that size isn't everything but when it comes to space at a convention floor space is everything! 2017 will be the second year that the UK Games Expo will be in the main halls at the NEC, as well as taking up rooms at the Hilton hotel, the expo has now taken up a second hall in the NEC just for tournaments. So that's more gaming space than ever before.

What's more, there will be even more trading space in the main hall. Last year the trade hall took up 10,000 square metres of space, this year the trade hall will be 14,000 square metres. You don't have to have a degree in astro-physics to realise that means 40% more traders, publishers and demo stands.

UK Games Expo 2017 map
Map from Beardy Brothers:

There's going to be so much going on that's it’s impossible to cover it in a single article. That's why we will be writing a couple of preview articles in the coming weeks about the games we are excited to see and recording a special UK Games Expo preview podcast that we are planning on releasing a couple of weeks before the show, ready to get you even more excited.

UK Games Expo 2017 cosplay

On at very subject, if you are a publisher, designer or have anything else to get excited for at the expo drop us a line.

And don't forget to say hello.  Both myself (Steve) and Andy will be at the show, gloriously emblazoned with our Polyhedron Collider shirts. Happy gaming.

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