Talisman is Definitely Coming Back

Talisman is Definitely Coming Back

One of the many casualties of the recent split between Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight Games was the famous (or should that be infamous?) fantasy quest game of Talisman.  It has long been a staple of the tabletop gaming world and though many people will criticise its old fashioned mechanics there are no doubts that it remained a big seller throughout its life at Fantasy Flight Games.

Well, just yesterday Coiledspring Games announced that they have secured the rights to distribute Talisman and its six expansions.

Talisman Board game

Starting from October 2017, Coiled Spring games will be selling the 4th edition of the classic game and have selected the six most popular expansions – which they have yet to announce – and there is a massive tease from Coiled Spring that they will be releasing more expansion in the future.  We are just going to have to wait and see what those expansions are.

If you’re a podcast listener you will know that this is Jon Cage’s favourite game so no doubt he will be doing a happy little jig now.  It’s also one step closer to the Polyhedron Collider Cast’s dream of Talisman Legacy.

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