I received a mystery package in the mail...

 The other day I received a mysterious package, and well, if it weren't for a couple of clues I would be pretty freaked out. For starters, I receive a shipping notification from Poland. Ohh I think, is it a Kickstarter? Well the shipping and tracking data gave no information, only that the package came from Poland.

The package arrives and is quite clearly labelled with Board&Dice tape. Again, I am confused. Are they sending me a game to review, have they got their addresses mixed up and they are sending me another copy of Superhot?

So, with an equal quantity of curiosity and confusion, I open the package, only to find it is full of magnetic tape. Which has made me even more confused. 
After rummaging around in the reels of tape I come across an old personal cassette player, a Walkman if you will. Do you want to know what is the really freaky? I used to own this exact same tape player!

Further rummaging revealed a tape, a pencil, and a typed message:
The cassette player was well past its prime, missing many buttons including a rewind button. Included in the package however, was a pencil, and suddenly the childhood task of manually rewinding a tape using a pencil or biro is returned.

On the tape is some John Carpenter style 80's Horror synths, followed by an audio diary of an American journalist investigating a house fire and feeling that he is being watched. Suffice to say that this poor gentleman comes to a grisly end...

So, what's it all in aid of?  Well board games of course. It's all a way to set the mood for Inbetween, an 80's Horror themed card game from designer Adam Kwapiński, releasing at Essen this year.

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